Building Complex Forms Using Templates with Giselle Hicks

On Demand

This workshop introduces templates as a starting point for building complex forms while also covering the fundamentals of coiling and pinching. Giselle will introduce using templates to bring shape to the base of the form, building and assembling components, making directional transitions, adding feet and a studio tour! All levels.

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Sgraffito and Mishima Surfaces with Whitney Smith

Learn two approaches to surface design to achieve controlled, colorful and stunning surfaces. Sgraffito, mishima, and underglazes bring dynamic contrast, depth, and texture that will make your surfaces pop! For all levels and all types of ceramic work from functional to sculptural.

Korean Prunus Vase

Joanne Lee teaches her distinct method of working with tiny porcelain coils to build a Korean Prunus Vase. 90 day rental

Our Instructors

Learn more about these amazing women!

Artist, Educator Seong Weon Joanne Lee

Originally from South Korea, Joanne Seongweon Lee received her BFA from New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University with a concentration in Ceramics in 2015. After graduation, she moved back to South Korea for an Artist in Residence program at the Korea Ceramic Foundation: Icheon Cerapia. She completed an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2019 and achieved the Franz Rising Start Project Scholarship: Outstanding Performance in Porcelain Design in that same year. After graduating, she finished her Residency at Sonoma Ceramics in Sonoma, California. In 2021-2022, Joanne taught numerous ceramics courses for all levels at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Joanne is currently at Anderson Ranch Arts Center as the Ceramics Coordinator in Snowmass, Colorado.

Artist, Educator Osa Atoe

Osa Atoe owns and operates Pottery by Osa, producing small-batch handmade functional ceramics. PBO grew out of Atoe’s kitchen in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2015 and has since expanded to a full sized studio space at her current home in Sarasota, Florida where she offers monthly collections to her online audience. Atoe is a ceramicist and social activist using her craft to foster community and justice. From her past as a punk musician and zine writer to her current incarnation as an entrepreneur and potter, Atoe’s creative work has always been anchored by the politics of equity and identity. Her pottery is an examination of humankind using ceramics as a window into the past. Learning from ancient pottery or pottery from different cultures, we get a glimpse into the values and practices of people from other places and times. Atoe uses these insights to build a future of modern ceramic ware that is timeless. She also uses her pottery to raise funds and awareness for Black and people of color led social justice organizations in her own city, all over the country and extending all of the way to Nigeria, where her parents immigrated from in the 1970s.

Artist, Educator, CEO Kala Stein

Kala Stein (b.1979) is an artist and designer noted for innovative mold making and casting techniques. At the intersection of craft, design, and new technologies, her work explores notions of beauty through fabrication systems and materials. Kala received her MFA in Ceramics from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University in 2009. She stayed on at Alfred to teach ceramics and curate at the Cohen Gallery from 2009-2015. From 2015-2022 she was the Director of Ceramics and Arts at Sonoma Community Center, Sonoma Ceramics. She exhibits her work nationally and works with private clients on custom designs for the home and hospitality industry. Her community based work is aimed at developing models to help organizations and artists operate with sustainable and equitable practices and to be inclusive through art advocacy. Her studio is located at 148 E. Napa Street in Sonoma and open by appointment.

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Archive of Classes


May 21, 11:30am-3:30pm

The first of 2022's bi-monthly ceramics workshops presented by di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art, led by Kala Stein. Workshops begin with an in-depth look at specific works at di Rosa with historical context, followed by a hands-on studio session to explore the tools and techniques used by the artist being discussed. March's focus is Jim Melchert's “Feathers of the Phoenix", pictured here.

Building Round Vessels with Giselle Hicks

April 10, 1pm-3pm PDT, Zoom

Archive: This workshop is for beginner to advanced levels and covers the fundamentals of coiling and pinching, focusing on volumetric spherical forms that can be applied to functional or sculptural work.